It affects your physical health in almost every conceivable way. You may not exercise because you’d rather drink or you’re spending time nursing hangover symptoms. Your sleep patterns may be altered and you may not think about eating healthy when you’re under the influence. Substance misuse can also affect your immune system and your digestive system. A life in recovery gives you the unique opportunity to develop healthy coping mechanisms.

  • Addiction is damaging and life-threatening, while physical dependence is an inconvenience, and is normal physiology for anyone taking large doses of opioids for an extended period of time.
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  • However, addiction can also cause feelings of anxiety and stress as it progresses.
  • Besides saving all that money in the first place, you’ll be in a better state of mind to make good financial decisions.

The best part is, you feel like the work you do is more meaningful than before; you no longer have to work for the drugs but instead work for yourself and your family. You can pay your rent, buy actual living a sober life groceries, and still have fun money to go see a movie or grab coffee with friends. The basic disease model of addiction says that plenty of people use drugs or alcohol to medicate their problems away.

Your Mental Health Will Improve

Playing games or doing fun activities together that don’t involve alcohol is a great way to form new connections. Some people are scared to get sober because they think they won’t have any fun. Instead of spending Saturday morning hungover in bed, you can get out and hike at a new park, bike a local trail, or go out for lunch with friends. Instead of planning your life around your next drink or hit of drugs, the opportunities for having fun expand exponentially once your mind is clear, your body is able, and your spirit is willing. All you have to do is get out there and go find some fun sober activities.

There are a variety of tools available that can support your path to sobriety. Research suggests that while 12-step groups are effective, people often don’t continue their involvement at beneficial levels over the long term. Some people experience many setbacks before they find lasting recovery.

Casa Capri Recovery Alumni Camille Cox on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in support of Dogs Matter

“I think anything that makes it easier for people to talk about changing their relationship with alcohol is great,” she says. Warrington suggests bringing a “questioning mindset to every drinking situation, rather than go along with the dominant drinking culture”. She wants to nudge people to critically evaluate the subconscious ways in which drinking is socially expected of us, regardless of whether our behavior seems overtly “problematic”.

living a sober life

Initially, the challenge to stop drinking or using drugs may seem impossible. But many people have found ways to not only get sober but enjoy life without a drink or drug. Many people start to rediscover hobbies and activities they used to enjoy before drugs and alcohol took over their lives.

Things That Inevitably Happen to Your Personal Life When You Get Sober

This means you’ll have an easier time functioning at work, carrying out your daily routine, reading a book, and even just having deeper thoughts and ideas that add value to your life. Another tool that’s available for recovering addicts is aftercare programs. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we believe in integrating aftercare recovery programs to assist in long-term sobriety beyond our comprehensive treatment plans. Through these programs, we include life skills classes, relapse prevention techniques, and other treatments to help those in sobriety find joy and purpose in life. One of the most notable benefits of sobriety is that you regain that desire and ability to put money away. You also regain that desire and ability to work hard and be accountable at your job.

living a sober life

Alcohol and drugs are so ingrained in our culture that living a completely sober life seems impossible. Sometimes being in recovery is just hard and there’s no getting around that. At times, you have to face difficult realities and truths about yourself that can be pretty painful. However, facing these things head-on also greatly increases your self-awareness. As a result, you develop a better understanding of the world around you, how it impacts you personally, and what actions you can take to stay sober for the long-haul. In difficult times like this, it’s helpful to be reminded of all the good things that came as a result of getting sober.

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I’ve been known to have a dance party of one in my living room and letting loose like that are some of my favorite times. No matter what you do, always remember that living a sober life just means you get to assign new meaning to what makes you smile.

  • In fact, being sober can make your life more fun and rewarding than it’s ever been before.
  • With all this newfound time, you can change your life for the better.
  • “Exercise will boost mood and decrease anxiety and depression.
  • It’s also necessary to understand that relapse isn’t a failure.
  • Your therapist may recommend that you attend group counseling sessions.

You’ll probably find that the important relationships in your life mean more to you than drugs or alcohol ever did. Whenever you suffer from addiction, you’re willing to spend every last penny that you have on alcohol or drugs.

When you’re in recovery, you don’t have to think about the effects of hangovers or blackouts. Living a sober lifestyle can open the door to many things, including improved relationships, better memory and health; more time, money, and energy; and a longer, meaningful life. By putting one foot in front of the other one day at a time, you can slowly learn how to live your life without mind-altering substances. Take it step by step, and discover how living clean can be more fun, fulfilling and joyful than you ever imagined. Take the time to meet new people who embrace a sober life. Almost everyone can benefit from being around the people who support your new, healthy lifestyle.

You may find out that you enjoy tennis and that you’re really good at it. During treatment, you may take part in art therapy and find out you are a good artist.There are a million different hobbies and activities that sobriety opens you up to that you can enjoy. You wouldn’t have the time to do so if you were still in the midst of addiction, and you can thank sobriety for the ability to learn new things. All of these support groups share a common goal to stay clean and sober.